Auction Information

Check Out For Auction Mon-Wed 9-5 (Might be closed Tues. due to ICE Storm)

Date/Time: Monday 1/27/2014
Location: 129 West 34th Street HOUSTON, TX 
Auction Type: Public Auction
Auction Categories: Business Liquidations, Consignment, General Auctions, Miscellaneous, Restaurant Equipment

Auction Contact Information

Contact Name:  Joe Presswood
Company:  Joe Presswood Company
Address:  1629 West 34th Street  Houston TX, 77018
Phone:  (713) 688-5922
Fax:  (713) 688-8079

Auction Description

Check Out is from Mon-Wednesday from 9-5.
We are extending to Wednesday because of the bad weather on Tuesday.
There is a possiblility we will be closed on Tuesday or open for just half a day due to the weather.
Please check back or call 1-800-231-0782.

32qt electric kettel 208 volt
counter top steamer 208 volt
double steamer
single steamer on stand
60 gallon kettle gas
40 gallon braising pan
counter top steamer propane
6-pan steamer
3-pan steamer
3-comp steam table
4-comp steam table
counter top electric steamer(s)
40 gallon electric braising pan 208 volt

1 door freezer(s)
1 door refrigerator(s)
2 door refrigerator(s)
grab and go dumping cases
27" freezer
blast chiller
36" 2-door dandwhich prep table
72" 4 drawer sand/salad prep table
60" 2 drawers pizza prep table
1 glass door refrigerator
drop-in water ice station
display case
42x33 2 drawer ref. stand
48x27 ref. display case
custom built cabinet
82x26 cold drop in pan
counter top display case
48" prep table
2 door pizza table
48x27 ref. display case
cold drop in pan

Eage Sinks & Tables:
single speed rail(s)
portable black bar (s)
18x26 bake sheets
30x48 ss tables (s)
36x72 ss tables (s)
12x72 tier shelf(s)
48x96 ss tables (s)
30x48 griddles stands
3-comp bar sinks
4 comp bar sinks
3 comp bar sinks with ice bins
2-comp drop in sinks
30x72 table cabinets
84" solid dish table
24x120 ss table
3-comp drop in sink
36" ice chest jokey box
36" combo ice chest
3 comp sink with right drain board
30" ice chest
24" griddle
36" cold plate jockey box
30x84 ss table
32x88 sink table (s)
3-comp sink
3-comp sink w dbl drain board(s)
large 2-comp sink with dbl drain board
mop sinks
2-comp steam table (gas)
hank sinks
1 comp sink
23x40 ss table with side shelf(s)
30x30 ss table
ice chest
3 comp utiltiy sink
ss multipurpose
3-comp barsink
single speed rails
48x72 ss tables
bakery racks
30x78 ss table
60" dish table
2 shelf racks 24x60
5 shelf racks 18x36
4 shelf racks 21x48
dish table left side
42x30 ss table w shelf
36x72 ss table on casters

1/11/2014: Steamers, Kettles, Fry Pans, Hot Food Tables on the way..
1. 40 gallon Gas brazier BPM-40GM
2. 60 Gallon Kettle AH-60M
3. sk-32 E 32 qt
4. Electric BPM-40E 40 gallon brazier

1/9/2014: Randell Truck coming in Tuesday for Auction. Truck of Eagle is also on it's way with more Tables, Sinks, Racks. Stay Tuned and I'll upload pictures as they arrive and are set up!

1/6/2014 Hobart Truck just arrived unloading now.
Over 20 Slicers on the Truck from 9"-14".
Food Processors
Buffalo Chopper

List of items in sale, more to come including Hobart automatic slicers, berkel vacuum package machine, meat grinder, bermixers, panini grills, s/s tables, s/s sinks and much much more...

Pizza Prep tables
48", 64, and 96" sizes

1 door freezer
1 door freezer
1 door refrigerator
1 door refrigerator
1 glass door freezer
1 door storage freezer
1 door freezer
2 half door refrigerator
2 half door refrigerator
2 half door refrigerator
1 door roll in
1 door roll in
2 door refrigerator
1 door roll in refrigerator
1 door roll in refrigerator
Jade Range:
2-burner chinese range
36" 3 burner w cold condiment drawer
48" char-grill
48" 8-burner range no oven
48" broiler
36" flat griddle range w oven
36" 3 burner range
36" 6 burner range
36" 6 burner range with convection oven
48" Broiler
24" 4 burner convection oven
87" range w refrgerated stand
48" 2 door sandwich prep table
72" (48" flat griddle w/ 4 burners, 2 oven range)
48" 8-burner ct range
36" flat griddle
pitco double fryer
24" flat griddle
24" broiler
36" flat griddle
36" flat griddle
24" griddle/ 2 burne

Terms & Conditions

Cash or Cashiers Check. Check with bank letter of guarantee only. This letter should read as follows: ___________ is a customer of this bank. We hereby guarantee unqualified payment to Joe Presswood Co., Auctioneers up to $______ to be drawn on account #______. This letter expires on _________. (Date must be 10 days from date of auction.)

A $500 cash deposit is taken at registration which is fully refundable if no purchase is made at any time during the auction.

All sales are subject to a 15% buyers premium.

Due to insurance and safety reasons, no one under 12 years of age will be admitted.

Although obtained from sources deemed reliable, the auctioneer makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information herein contained. It is for this reason that buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to make inspection prior to sale.