Auction Information

June 22nd Auction

Date/Time: Monday 6/22/2020
Location: 1629 West 34th Street houston, TX 
Auction Type: Public Auction
Auction Categories: Restaurant Equipment

Auction Contact Information

Contact Name:  Joe Presswood
Company:  Joe Presswood Co. Auctioneers
Address:  1629 West 34th Street  Houston TX, 77018
Phone:  (713) 223-3667
Fax:  (713) 688-8079

Auction Description

We are excited to have you all back for the Auction on Monday, June 22nd. To best protect everyone's health, we will be requiring all in attendance to wear a mask and have spaced out seating as best we can for the auction. If you do not have a mask, we will have disposable masks for you along with hand sanitizer for all guests to use. Please refrain from having anyone in attendance at the auction who does not truly need to be there to help with social distancing.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe and well and see you Monday!

Joe Presswood Co.

Terms & Conditions

Cash or Cashier's Check. Check with bank letter of guarantee only. This letter should read as follows: ___________ is a customer of this bank. We hereby guarantee unqualified payment to Joe Presswood Co., Auctioneers up to $______ to be drawn on account #______. This letter expires on _________. (Date must be 10 days from date of auction.)

A $500 cash deposit is taken at registration which is fully refundable if no purchase is made at any time during the auction.

All sales are subject to a 15% buyer's premium.

Due to insurance and safety reasons, no one under 12 years of age will be admitted.

Although obtained from sources deemed reliable, the auctioneer makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information herein contained. It is for this reason that buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to make inspection prior to sale.