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Date/Time: Thursday 6/29/2017
Location: 1629 West 34th Street Houston, TX 
Auction Type: Online Auction
Auction Categories: Restaurant Equipment

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Contact Name:  Joe Presswood
Company:  Joe Presswood Company
Address:  1629 West 34th Street  Houston TX, 77018
Phone:  (713) 688-5922
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1. starting at .99 cents. Click link to bid
Retails for $5,341.00
Achieve longer shelf life and better flavor retention with this reliable tabletop Berkel 250-STD 1/2 HP Vacuum Packaging Machine designed to meet most food-service portion control and product storage needs. Features durable stainless steel housing and vacuum chamber. Simple to operate electronic touch pad controls with nine storable programs. Fast and durable Busch vacuum pumps provide performance and quality to meet the demands of any food-service operation.

2. Starting at .99 cents. Click on the link to bid.
Retails for $3000.00

With its 13" knife and 1/2 hp knife motor, this Berkel X13E-PLUS manual gravity feed slicer is perfect for applications that require near-constant meat and cheese slicing per day! It's the perfect answer for high-volume delis, grocery stores, markets, or any other place that is constantly slicing and needs a reliable machine to get the job done.

3. Hobart FP350 start at .99 cents on Ebay. Click on the link to bid!
Retails for over $6000.00
The Hobart FP350-1 continuous feed food processor is perfect for quickly slicing or shredding fresh vegetables.
120volt 60 hz. Comes with 3slice 7/32 blade
Each unit is designed with a 45 degree angled front for operator convenience and rapid product loading. A large, full size feed hopper supports processing capabilities for a wide variety of products, while permitting continuous cutting of long products. Never precut again!
With its simple on-off switches and an interlocking switch that keeps the machine from operating when pusher plate isn't correctly in place, you can be sure that this food processor is an easy-to-use, efficient, and safe product for your commercial kitchen. With a 430 RPM plate speed, this unit quickly and easily cuts, chops, slices, and dices whatever you need to process to help your commercial kitchen reach optimum productivity.
Are you short on counter space, but still in need of a food processing workhorse? This unit takes up minimal counter space with its small 13 7/16" wide footprint but still manages to process up to 26 lb. of product per minute-that's 1560 lb. per hour!
The Hobart FP350-1 continuous feed food processor features a powerful 1 hp, 10 amp motor with overload protection

4. Starting at .99cents on Ebay. Click on the link to bid!
Retails for $2500.00
The Hobart FP41-1 4 qt. food processor quickly emulsifies, chops, mixes, and purees, with a powerful 3/4 hp motor and stainless steel cutting blades.
This 4 qt. food processor is designed with a wider, low-profile stainless steel bowl and longer, wider, Stay Sharp stainless steel cutting blades to increase productivity and product consistency. Its patented polycarbonate bowl scraper saves time while ensuring complete product processing.
For superior safety, the Hobart FP41-1 4 qt. food proc


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Houston Tx. 77018

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