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Year End Close Out Liquidation Auction Oct. 5th & 6th (Last Sale Of The Year)
Saturday, October 5th 10:00am


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Starts: Saturday, October 5th 10:00am

Ends: Sunday, October 6th

1629 West 34th Street
Houston, TX  77018
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Auction Type: Liquidation

Categories: Business Liquidations, Consignment, General Auctions, Miscellaneous, New Merchandise, Restaurant Equipment

Contact Information

Contact:  Joe Presswood
Company:  Joe Presswood Company
Address:  1629 West 34th Street, Houston, TX 77018
Phone:  1-800-231-0782
Fax:  713-688-8079


***10/3/2013... All Items Are Here From The 40 Qt. Legacy To The New Arrival Of Electrolux Refrigeration/Freezers. We are in the process of tagging and I'll be posting pictures from the lineup over the next two days. We have amazing small wares from inserts, bake sheets, stock pots, Mundial Knifes all the way up to the heavy equipment. Remember inspection is tomorrow from 9-5. Please stop by.

Last Auction of the Year! Next Auction will be in January 2014. Over a Million Dollars Worth Of Brand New Equipment From The Leading Brands! Don't Miss This Sale!

I will have over twenty high quality slicers in this sale from Hobart and Berkel that will be sold to the highest bidder. Just unloaded a truck full of slicers.
These are added to what is already in the sale...
1. (3 units) 13" slicer
2. 12" Slicer with carriage trey
3. (9 units) 12" slicer
4. 13" slicer removable knife
5. 9" slicer
6. Bread Slicer

Montague Range Company has arrived.
1. 60" Range 8-Burner, 18" Griddle, 2 Ovens, 36" Salamander
2. 36" 6 Burner Range
3. 48" 4 Burner, 24" Griddle & Oven Range
4. Convection Oven (single phase)
5. 36" 6 Burner Range
6. 36" 6 Burner
7. 1 Burner Wok Range
8. Half Size Convection Oven
9. Spacer
10. 4 Burner Range
11. 6 Burner Range
12. 6 Burner Stock Pot Range
13. 60" 6 Burner Range & 24" Grill
14. 36" Flat Griddle Range
15. 36" CT Griddle
16. 24" 2-Burner CT Range
17. 24" 4-Burner CT Range

Hobart has confirmed Truck for Oct.5th-6th Auction. Details coming as soon as truck arrives.

1.Hobart Legacy 40qt Mixer with bowl and hooks.
2.Hobart 2912 Slicer on the truck.
3. Hobart Food Processor 350
4. Hobart Food Processor 150
5. Hobart Food Processor 100
6. Berkel 350 Vacuum Package Machine
7. Hobart 84145-1 Buffalo Chopper
8. Hobart 6460c Vegetable Peeler
9. Hobart 6430-3 Vegetable Peeler

Eagle is sending a truck with Steam tables, SS Tables, SS Sinks, Under Bar Equipment

Our Year End Liquidation Auction. 2 days worth of brand new major manufacture inventory to be sold at Auction to the highest bidder. Continue to check back as more trucks back in to our docks.

Star 301HLD Electric Fryer 15 lb Single Pot Twin
Eagle Electric counte top electric fryer
Star counter top gas fryer 30 pound
Star 636MF - Star Max 36" Gas Griddle Manual Control
6048CBD Star Mfg. - Star-Max Gas Charbroiler, 48 in.
6024CBD Star Mfg. - Star-Max Gas Charbroiler, 24 in.
New Edge12-1Meat slicers
New 2612 slicer
New 2612 slicer
New 2812 slicer
New 2812 slicer

Blast Chiller vbc75
4 2-door Warming Cabinets

2 Bread Slicers MB 1/2
Many Panini Grills

(9/30/13)Eagle Tables & Sinks (truck still unloading..list updated as we list it)
1. 36x19 Ice Chest Bin
2. 48" Ice Unit
3. 30x30 Cash Register Stand
4. 18x24 Table
5. 24x36 ss Table
6. 1 comp sink
7. 30x36 cutting board table
8. 48" solid sneeze guard unit
9. 3 comp sink w/ dbl drain board
10. 1 comp sink with right drain board
11. 1 comp sink with right drain board
12. 2 comp drop in sink
13. 1 comp drop in sink
14. 24" jockey box
15. 4 comp bar sink with back splash
16. 1 comp sink with right drain board
17. pedestal sink
18. 8' 3 comp sink with dbl drain board
19. 2 comp sink
20. 30x96 ss table with sink
21. 19x16 mop sink cabinet
22. 19x16 mop sink cabinet
23. 3 comp. sink w left drain board.
24. 2-comp sink with dbl drainboard
25. "
26. large 3 comp sink with dbl drain board
27. "
28. Jockey Box
29. 2 comp drop in sink
30. 15x72 cabinet table
31. 30x84 ss table
32. 60" solid dish ta


Inspection will be help Friday Oct. 4th from 10-4p.m. at 1629 West 34th St. Houston, Texas 77018

Payment Methods

Cash or Cashier's Check. Check with bank letter of guarantee only. This letter should read as follows: ___________ is a customer of this bank. We hereby guarantee unqualified payment to Joe Presswood Co., Auctioneers up to $______ to be drawn on account #______. This letter expires on _________. (Date must be 10 days from date of auction.)

A $500 cash deposit is taken at registration which is fully refundable if no purchase is made at any time during the auction.

All sales are subject to a 15% buyer's premium

Auction Item Removal

Items may be removed Mon-Tues Oct. 7&8th from 9-5.
You may also remove your items for two hours after the sale has ended on Oct. 5th and Oct. 6th
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