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Commercial Restaurant Equipment Auction
Monday, September 24th 10:00am


Starts: Monday, September 24th 10:00am

Ends: Monday, September 24th 6:00pm

1629 West 34th Street
Houston, TX  77018
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Auction Type: Public Auction

Categories: General Auctions

Contact Information

Contact:  Joe Presswood
Company:  Joe Presswood Co. Auctioneers
Address:  1629 West 34th Street, Houston, TX 77018
Phone:  (713) 688-5922
Fax:  (713) 688-8079


1. Groen GT-80 - Kettle, Direct Steam, 80-Gallon Capacity, Full Jacket
2. Groen Stationary Kettle, 20Gallon Floor Model - Electric - EE-20 w/TCLVR 2-PC cvr

3. Groen DL-80 - Tilting Kettle, direct steam, 80-gallon capacity, manual tilt

4. SSB-10E steamer
5. Groen BPM-40G 40 Gallon Gas Tilting Skillet
6. Groen™ TDB-40 Elec Tabletop 40-Qt 2/3 Jacket Kettle w/ Hand Tilt
7. XS-4e steamer 4-pan
8. Xs-se steamer 6-pan (2)
9. condensor Hood for VRC-6E

Perlick, Hobart, Randell, Groen will be sending in equipment to this auction.
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